Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Going to the Pictures

At the start of this project John Hee very kindly agreed to post pictures to my en route blog as I could not find a way to post pictures using my Palm TX PDA through my mobile phone. (That's a cell-phone for the US of A congregation).

So every time I took a picture on the walk I had to take two: One for me (a biggish 7.1 million pixels) and one for the blog (a weeny one) so I could email the weeny one to the excellent Mr Hee via my stone-age telephone on the very rare occasions I had a phone signal or when the O2 servers were behaving themselves. John then very kindly, out of the extreme goodness of his heart, posted them in the batches I sent through, in the right places amongst the text I had already blogged.

This way the blog had a little more 'readability' and impact and I would like to think that it made the fund-raising for Sue Ryder all the more effective.

Since coming back home I have been throwing myself wholeheartedly back into my business and so have not had a lot of time to indulge in my blog. However, I have occasionally been diving back into the bowels of my LEJOG photo library - the biggish pictures.

What has been fun is finding the pictures that I took in my minds eye, rather than what the camera actually captured. Put this down to catching a view in the far off distance and your mind zooming in on it and distilling the image. Its all there in the image, it just needs recapturing.

So - I have almost finished and the really good news is that there are a lot more big pictures than weeny ones. So I shall stick them on the web (not sure how as yet!) in the next few weeks so that you can all experience what I saw.

I had an incredibly good time and it's nice to share it with you all.

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  1. Hey, Alan, will be great to see your big pics! Especially collected in one place for us to browse through.

    I had a good experience posting mine at You can put them there at high resolution for a few months for free, after which it's pay-a-bit or they low-res you (still very acceptable) and it stays free.



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