Friday, 1 February 2008

The Darkness (2)

Lord Elpus & I are off for a spot of highly irregular wildcamping shortly.

In these wintery times I hopped over to the following site (mentioned on this blog a year or so ago - so Loyal Readers will have been there before, but may welcome a 'refresher') to uncover a bit of important data:

It's not as scary as the web address may sound! Just plug in your latitude and longitude for your overnight spot and you will get the sunrise and sunset times for the place for the year. This means that Lord E and I will experiencing the darkness for Friday 8th Febrary at 17:04 and two minutes later the next day. Sunrise on the Saturday at 07:47
That's a long time to be tucked up in a tent, so we need to find a spot suitably 'wild' and yet suitably close to the pub.

A bit of work to do there then...


  1. Make it a bit more realistic, come up here it'll be just like the Highlands in May. We have had about 6" of snow this afternoon and it's still going. MRT practice tonight and we need something to practice on. Any offers?

  2. Can you stick some of it in the fridge, Mr. G?

    Then scatter it liberally around for the following weekend. Otherwise, by the time we get there, it will be all soggy, boggy and wet.

    That's more like the Challenge weather I know.

  3. Is there a bottle of cask strength on offer for this?

    Illegal wild camping in the Brecon Beacons, risky, those MOD police might not be as easy going as you may think.

  4. Ah, Anon

    Those Beacons are not of the Brecon Variety - More of the Langdale Variety of the Pike subset.

    So - I shall anjoy the cask strength myself.



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