Sunday, 3 February 2008

Altitude Training

To conquer the world's highest peaks the mountaineer prepares throughly - A plan is formulated to bring the said mountaineer to a physical and mental peak for the precise moment of the summit bid. He is a finely honed athlete, in tune mentally with his entire physical being.

He has rehearsed the moves, he knows the mountain like the back of his hand. His equipment has been researched and tested exhaustively in the most hostile environments known to man.

And so it is with our preparations for the TGO Challenge.

In the last month our walks have been planned meticulously by our Challenge Fitness Guru, Miss Whiplash.

Her plan has been a careful blend of deprivation, starvation, duration and acclimatisation.

Deprivation: The boys' beer allowance in the hostelries has been drastically SLASHED to two pints of cooking beer.

Starvation: The boys' suppers now comprise healthy leaf soups with a nourishing wholemeal unbuttered roll.

Duration: The Sunday afternoon strolls are being stretched out to accommodate the ever lengthening daylight of these winter months. Nine miles is the current requirement.

Acclimatisation: Last weekend saw us atop three Sufolk summits of a giddying 112metres. Today we were pushed to the limit - a nosebleeding 123 mtres - that's four hundred and three feet above sea level!

The whip is being cracked. Miss Whiplash has us both on course.


  1. Keep it up boys, you'll thank me for this in May!

    You are on your own next weekend -and backsliding will not be tolerated.

    Miss W.


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