Wednesday, 6 February 2008

The Going Rate

This is not a post about reimbursement for your efforts at the coal face. You can never be rewarded enough for that work nonsense. This is a post about paying for your pleasures.

Over on the excellent Gayle's Lejog Blog there is a conversation in the comments section about socks and their probable longevity. By all accounts, I seem to be pretty heavy on the old Merino Wool Matter and I have calculated that I come out at around 215 miles per pair of outer socks (I wear cheap liners as an inner pair).
This profligacy exhibits its true horror when I work out that at some £17 per pair this comes to almost 8 pence per mile on the sock front. Gayle thinks it wasn't long ago when for 8p per mile she could run her car!

However, this isn't the end of it: On top of this heavy sock consumption one should add in the cost of footwear. Now I reckon, strangley, when considering my sock abuse, that I do pretty well on the mileage for my boots. My last pair of wonderful Scarpa Nepals managed 1,956 miles. Now my recent replacements cost me a very reasonable £125. This means that my boots cost me just over 6 pence per mile - That's cheaper than my socks! However it does mean that my toosies cost me 14 pence per mile. Or to put it another way, that's 7 miles per pound!

Don't even get me started on adding in the cost of my walking clothes, camping equipment, maps and compass.....

I shall just have to work a little harder to pay for it all.

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