Friday, 15 February 2008

Daryl May's JOGLE: Update

At the same time I was walking my LEJOG last year, Daryl May was also walking (a different style of walk, of 928 miles) his own LEJOG.

This was quite an achievement as Daryl had planned it all remotely - from the USA - and was in his sixties. When he returned home, successful, he wrote it all up and turned it into a website that you can find here:

Well, as I mentioned a week or so ago, Daryl has returned to Britain and is currently walking a JOGLE (John O' Groats to Land's End).

However, all is not going smoothly. I will paste below and extract from his posting to his yesterday's Blog:

"Southbound Rest Day 1, Thursday, February 14, 2008
Relaxing in TainRoyal Hotel, Tain, £45

After checking out of the Dunbius B&B on Thursday morning, I limped half a mile or so to the Tain and District Health Centre, where I flashed the photo of my blister to the receptionist, hoping that her breakfast was decently digested. It must have impressed her, because they kindly took me in as an urgent case after a modest wait.

Americans have poor opinions of the National Health Service, probably because they pick up on the horror stories that the British themselves expose. But, of course, the NHS has its good side too.Dr. Simon rapidly looked at the foot, prescribed an antibiotic (by computer), and sent me off to Nurse Mary McConnell for dressings. She involved the podiatrist at the clinic, and between them they gave me royal treatment and a supply of dressings for a week. Their advice was to rest with my feet up at least until the infection had receded, as judged by swelling and redness over a lot of the foot. That will likely take about a day.

After the doctor visit, with the Dunbius now full, I holed up in the Royal Hotel with a supply of food and juice and the antibiotics - and set my clothes in the bath to wash, which is timely.Tomorrow, I think I'll bus into Inverness, and get some new boots or at least running shoes, returning by bus to Tain where, because the Royal is full tomorrow, I've booked at the Morangie Guest House, arranging to leave my backpack there in the morning and check in when I'm back from Inverness.

Two days off are nice, except that I don't feel I've earned them.The health center charged £50 ($100), and the pharmacy £7 ($14) for the antibiotic. It seemed excellent care, offered promptly, and would have cost more in the States. Judging by their reaction to the wound, and my pain, it was as well that I got medical attention when I did. And I felt fortunate that these nice people could see me promptly and handle it.

I'll feel even better if the treatment and new boots solve the problem. Blisters, like motion sickness, are easily forgotten when you're no longer afflicted, but hell to experience in the here and now."

I have been in touch with Daryl to see if there is anything I can do for him and have advised caution in returning to his walk too soon! He has spent so long to plan this that it would be bonkers to rush the recovery or it will all be wasted.

So, good luck with the healing process, Daryl - we are all thinking of you.

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