Saturday, 16 February 2008

Death in the morning

Red in tooth & claw.

Nature: Well not entirely natural - an introduced species - Our kittens - Specifically, Gladys.

This was a beautiful Goldcrest - the smallest of all the European birds - and the first I have consciously seen. Gladys brought it in to us as a present this morning. It's heartbreaking stuff - so I shall be out to the shops on Monday to buy a couple of little bells for the kittens' collars.


  1. Hi Alan Not very good at this sort of thing. dont know whether this is the right place or time to be asking you about you Warmlite tent. Having just got on your site today and having read your account of the LEJOG walk, which I also have done, I was interested in your choice of tent. What was it like in Scotland with all the midges about, did it cope ok. Have you had any problems with it. etc etc. As I am still useing my bomb proof Omega Odysee tent, Its getting a bit old and knackered, not a bit unlike myself. and im thinking of replaceing it before im going up to Scotland in May of this year. Any info would be helpful. Kind regards HAYDN

  2. Hello Haydn - and welcome. I am sure that after carying the Omega for the length of Britain you must be pretty tough!

    As you will have probably gathered, I love my Warmlite 2C. It is absolutely bomb proof, huge inside, and very light (1205 grams).

    It is totaly mossie proof as all the air inlet's / outlets are 'no-seeum' netted and also it's possible to shut them all to be absolutely weatherproof.

    If I had to choose another tent to do it all again I would make the same choice!

    One thing you will need to consider is the lead-time for getting the tent. You may need to order one pretty quickly if you want it in time. Stepehenson's website details are on the links to the right of the blog - I suggest you call them on the phone to see if you can get one in time! if you can - be willing to get it sent by a proper courier, and NOT the United States Postal service!

    If you need any further info - please get intouch with me.

    Good luck to you,

  3. Tough about the little pigeon... I hope you cooked it nicely in a little pie.. Cats eh? Duh!?

    Anyway Alan - heads up for a row starting on the TGO website. This one looks like fun... (hopefully)

  4. I think the French would deep fry them and gobble them up whilst wearing a mask so as not to be recognised.

    Not being recognised: a good plan for the TGO Message Board next time...

    As for 'Ken' - I think he hasn't grasped one of the many pleasures taken on the walk.

    Perhaps we should start a thread on nice Cuban cigars (should be able to get them a little cheaper as from today) or the benefits of going more lightweight than the heavyweight boys lugging all that whisky around: Smack or crystal meth should surely please the lightweight boys...

  5. My mate sugested that he would quite like to visit Cuba and they sectioned him under the mental health act.
    Mind, he is a bit daft, like. he thinks he's a poet , but all he does is write prose in lines...
    Thats not poetry is it?
    Its not, is it?
    Is it, though?
    It might be, I suppose.
    Have I dropped a bollock here?

  6. Alan, I suggest you cut out the milk for those kittens and tip some Malt down their throats! That will teach them.
    Incidently Cuba is a nice country full of lovely well educated Cubans who are at perfect peace with each other.

  7. Hi Alan I am having trouble sending this message to you this is about the 4-5th time of trying. He goes. still undecided about the warmlite, have been onto them and they tell me thay have the said tent in stock. but do i go for the european style hilleberg akto or the terra nova laser or warmlite 2Rl any helpfull advise. taking into account that i will be living in it for about 3 months. tgo challenge then f/william to cape wrath, then onto end to end GR11 .
    many kind regards HAYDN

  8. Hi Haydn

    I used to own and Akto (for 12 years) and far prefer the Warmlite. I have never owned a Laser, but people do say it is quite good - it would be too small for me though.

    If you are going to be using the tent for that length of time I would definitely go for the largest tent - and that's the Warmlite.

    The 2RL is only 2 ounces heaveier than my 2C so is a great buy if you need one in a hurry (which I believe you do).

    It is lighter and stronger than the Akto. It is slightly heavier than the Laser but far, far more stable with a lot more room.

    I would plump for the Warmlite every time.

    All the best

  9. Haydn - I did the entire GR11 in 1999, and if you'd like any material, give me a shout at I made 2 CDs, also have the complete Senda Pirinaica loose-leaf guide which you're welcome to take a look at. I used an Akto, but didn't know about the Warmlite in those far-off daze!


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