Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Challenge Muppets

I despair at times.

Over on the Challenge Message board one chap has just posted the following about the gear list for his TGO Challenge this year:

"Keen readers will notice a GPS and will also notice no maps. Even keener readers will remember my question about hiking without maps, but worry not. I planned the entire hike meaning that my partner-in-hiking-crime will do the navigating and map reading, so maps and compass are in/on his pack and therefor not on my gear list."

So then, we should not worry about our foreign friend. We should not worry about him when he is split up from his walking partner and finds himself without maps.

We should not worry about how 'Challenge Control' at Montrose will feel when they call the police to start a search for him.

We should not worry about all the services that will be prevailed upon in rotten weather to look for an idiot who is not carrying any maps.

But should we worry when he is recovering in hospital in Ft Wiliam? Or should we be angry that this moron is allowed to be let loose in the Highlands of Scotland; taking part in an event that has a proud safety record over the last 30 years.


  1. He should be either told that he walks with map(s) and compass and if not then should be told "sorry we do not think you are responsible enough to be doing this."

    Numpties like this shouldn't be able to make posts like that and then be allow to attend the event.

  2. I was going to post a comment similar to George's above. Funny enough I was just about to read that thread when I read your post! I hope this is being bought to the attention of Roger. If the guy had kept his mouth shut, there is not much anyone could do about it. But seeing as he is being so vocal about it, surely something has to be done.
    I love his comment about the GPS. Admittedly I don't know the model GPS he has, unless it is one with OS maps on, then it will be useless to him.

  3. This year I have decided to attempt the Challenge without a lodestone. I will instead be aquiring a MAP. I have been advised that this is the very dogs b***ks and will reduce my pack weight to the tune of at least a flitch of hog's flesh. Do not worry on my account. As a precaution I am fattening up Connie, whom I intend to eat along the way

  4. I'm doing it without trousers. I have some virtual trousers, which I keep on my mobile phone. I think this is sufficient.
    I'm now going to put "LOL" at the end of this posting because it is cool. LOL

  5. Humph:

    Don't leave the lodestone at home. Think about the wives and children of the Mountain Rescue Service Volunteers. Think about the good earth of our mother planet. Think about Connie.

    The Lodestone has served us well for the last two thousand years. to abandon her now would be foolhardy in the least.

    These 'MAPS' are just a fad. Modern frippery. They will let you down when the going gets tough.

    Besides, have you chewed on Connie lately? Mutton dressed as lamb, dear boy.

    For pity's sake dump the virtual trousers. For Connie's sake.
    LOL (Cool!)


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