Friday, 14 March 2008


With Lynnie away for a week or so, bouncing her buttocks down the Italian pistes, the freezer took on a novel role as a new place to discover. Lynnie's home-made lasagnas (each a two person portion), Waitrose's best packs of sausages (just how many ways can you cook a sausage?) coupled with the extra large organic free range scrambled egg mountains all took a bit of a hammering.

The upshot of Lynnie's disgraceful abandonment of her husband, is a little roll of blubber around the waistline. Don't get me wrong - it is nothing like the belly of yore, the belly prior to my BigWalk. No; the petite wifflet has kept this in reasonable check for me with healthy tucker - a sprinkling of salads, the occasional curry and lots of fruit and wholemeal bread.

So, with a mere eight weeks to go to the TGO Challenge there is a little work to be done. But not the usual woeful anguish and gnashing of teeth sort of anguish, not the usual crash cuppasoup diet sort of anguish. This bear has learned the hard way and that is never going to happen again.

Tomorrow Lord Elpus & I will be journeying up the M6 once more to sample the Great Outdoors. Huge mileages are expected, with one or two pubs thrown in (well it wouldn't be a true Challenge with no pubs on the route).

Yes - we are off to the Ordnance Survey Outdoors Show at the NEC at Birmingham; tickets courtesy of the Outdoors Bloggers.

I will let you all know how it goes in the quest for a leaner, meaner outdoor physique.

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