Sunday, 9 March 2008

Steady Mooching

The latest issue of TGO Magazine has a brilliantly witty article by their new columnist, "Steady Mooching."


Steady is pictured across a double page in the magazine. He is impersonating a moose. To achieve this rather masterful deception he is kneeling beneath his white Cuben Tarp on soggy moorland grasses dressed in a bobble hat (which seems to have lost it's bobble) and a builders' mask made from paper.

Steady Mooching

In this guise he is totally prepared for a wintry night on the high moorland, ably kitted out for all the rigours that the night will have in store for our four hoofed friend.

Where does Cameron find them?


  1. But challenges the accepted view - and thats a sign of a thinking columnist

  2. Oh, I dunno, I can see the uses of this bit of kit - particularly during the second week of a long walk, maybe in a shared tent.., aftermath of several pints of Tetleys and a takeaway jalfreezi - that sort of thing. You could have lavender inserts for the ladies....
    Does the "G" in TGO stand for "Gear" by the way? (yawn)

  3. Maybe the "O" is for "Orifice"? But if we only buy the October edition (for the entry form) how will we manage the Challenge without this featherweight knowledge?

  4. You have it one Roger. I usually subscribe, but forgot to renew (but never miss an issue after getting WHSmith Gift vouchers - so spend them on TGO).

    I will probably re-subscribe and get a fabulous new lightweight bothy bag to take on the Challenge, to have a civilized luncheon within, with Lord Elpus.

    The mag does need supporting, if only to give it life - it must constantly be at risk, being so far behind Trail in the rankings. It really is the only 'thinking walkers' magazine - so I suppose, grudgingly, Mr Hee, I suppose you are right - at least TGO does try to push the boundaries - It is always a good read.

    Mike, (pieman) It is very gear orientated - but I suppose this is natural to attract the advertisers which is the reality behin it's existance- without them there would be no magazine.

  5. I thought that the April Fool's day joke was the one about the wilderness being under threat because nobody was going there any more.
    Apols for the gear whinge by the way - I know its not your fault. Ive filled in the on-line TGO customer survey. I am expecting the Spanish Inquisition with a denouncement for heresy..

  6. Alan Sloman,you're get on!!!!!!!!!



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