Saturday, 8 March 2008

Gear Monster

I couldn't help myself. She was sitting there on the shelf in the shop. She was calling to me. She was new! She was pretty. I was helpless in her thrall. I would just try her on. After all, I had only just bought a new rucksack a few weeks ago. It would be useful to know what was out there for a later date.

She was an Osprey Kestrel 48. She fitted so snugly. Comely. We fitted , melded, instantly. It was almost sexual. My precioussssss.

All the things I loved in my old Osprey Atmos and all the things I loved about my new Millet Peuterey. None of the things I fell out of love with on the old Atmos.

Preciousss, oh yessss.......

So that's another rucksack added to the collection. I shall take her for a walk tomorrow afternoon. The Three Blackbirds at Woodditton. Lord Elpus will need a walk; he's just arrived home from a week on Loch Morar.


  1. Hi Alan,Looks a beauty.My Atmos 50 has now gone up for sale on E Bay(Just couldn't get used to packing everything into it with that curved back)That leaves me with a Golite Pursuit(Yet to have its first outing)Gregory Z Pack(Performs well but far too many straps)and Osprey Talon 44(Performed well on Coast to Coast Walk but yet to be used on regular basis)Surely 3 packs is enough for anyone but being the gear addict that I am,I love to see all of these new products.What backsize did you go for?All the best Jeff Pepper

  2. Hi there Jeff

    Lovely to see you. I hadn't twigged 'trenthamwalker' was you. Seen you around quite a bit on other blogs too.

    Embarrasingly, I am now the owner of an ancient Macpac Glissade, a knackered ULA P2, A very knackered Osprey Atmos 50, the Millet Peuterey 40 and the new beautiful Osprey 48...

    Don't even start me on Stoves...

    I went with the M/L size which fits me perfectly. It also has quite a bit of adjustability in the back length, which the Atmos didn't have so it can really be fine tuned. The hip belt and harness is much more comfortable than the Atmos too.

  3. Hi Alan,thanks for your reply.Have you got round to using the Kestrel yet?I would be interested to read a review of this new rucksack.I called at Mountain Fever in Stoke on Trent as they stock Osprey sacks but they told me that Osprey were struggling to meet demand and for the time being were unable to supply them with any Kestrel sacks.Where did you get yours from?

  4. Hi Jeff

    I have taken kelly the Kestrel out just the once so far - a three pub walk round Eastern Cambridgeshire for a total of 6.4 miles (the .4 is important here...)

    Superbly comfortable with a full pack weight.

    I bought mine from 'Open Air' in Green Street in Cambridge - an all round excellent emporium. I am pretty sure they have quite a few of them.

  5. THREE pubs.......!?

    I will accompany you boys next time and ensure that stricter discipline is applied.


    Miss W.

  6. Would be interested to see how the Kestrel does on longer walks (or will you FLY Alan!)- presently have an Aarn 'Natural Balance' on order as my 18+ year relationship with my old Karriemor kind of snapped last Challenge. Have been told will materialise mid-April - so should be out of plaster to try it by then??!! And if it is okay then will be joining the frontloaders brigade....
    See you in May - I hope....Heather

  7. Not being funny here Heather, but.. How does this front loading thing work for women? Surely it must be rather uncomfortable?

    Very wise to take a long rest from walking - it would be foolish to over-train and peak too soon!

    After having lost all that weight and getting home skeletal last year, Lord Elpus has insisted that we train properly for the Challenge by popping into every available pub on each walk and ading a little ballast, to couteract the backward pull of the rucksack - I suppose a theory not unlike Aarn Tate's....

  8. Ah yes - the beer holdall at the front would certainly follow similar science to the Aarn packs -as it may for some women better endowed than my wee self. But being in the no resemblance to silicon front whatsoever category do not think the 'front loader' system will pose too much of a problem......


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