Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Roman's Cosy Feelings

Now what does it look like Roman is making here?

It's utralightweight (of course, as it's Roman Ackle who is making it - one of the Uber Lightweighters of the Bloggersphere).

My immediate thoughts ran all the way back to Blue Peter and Valerie Singelton, Christopher Trace and John Noakes. All that is missing is the sticky-back plastic and the ball of string.

A 'Crackerjack' Pencil for those who are thinking alng the same lines as me... It's utralight girly underwear: Sussies and a bra for the colder climes...


  1. Mr Sloman,
    following the theme you started, please state which female pop star wore these then. Was it Kylie?

  2. Miss Whiplash has run up something very similar for this weekend.

  3. It may keep their bits warm...but will it save your cooking fuel??


  4. Surely it's one of a series of 9 birthday presents for WD?

    I'm sure Bob will be referring to it in his forthcoming 'Outdoors Fetishes' series of Podcasts.


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