Sunday, 8 June 2008

On the Move

Its been a busy week for Blogging walkers:

Mick & Gayle have made the Scottish border and should have finished the Pennine Way as I write this. Like me, they were really lucky with the weather and experienced the Cheviots in the best possible weather. They are having a wonderful time and still have over 500 miles of Scotland to go on their adventure. It would be great if you nipped over to their blog and followed the link to their sponsorship page.

Chris Berry has started his Lands End to John O' Groats walk. I am not sure how regular his postings are going to be, but he writes well and so it's worth popping over there once on a while to see how he's doing.

Mark Moxon has started his long awaited Tubewalk. This is an off the wall walk - he is walking the entire London Underground, overground - taking in London's landmarks. A great project with surely a great potential for a book at the end of it, so that Londoners can discover their own city in an original way.

Lily made it out of the tree, She came down four hours after getting herself up there. There has been no sign lately of the Ginger Tom, but when he appears, I am ready for him...

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  1. Never mind this at such a critical time! Whay's happened to your cat? You've left us all up a tree! ! !


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