Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Beauty and the Beast

Our beautiful cat, Lily, has spent more than her fair share of time up our Larch tree in the last few days.

She is not a large cat and is currently being bullied by a large Ginger tom that enjoys putting her up the tree. No amount of coaxing brings her down. She is currently perched, higher than ever, nursing a badly bitten tail from the ginger monster from yesterday, three quarters of the way up what is a very tall tree.

Fireman have an old saying that goes something like, “You never see a skeleton up a tree”, which does imply that they do make their way down eventually. I hope so as Lily has been up there for two and a half hours now and she shows no signs of returning to the ground.

The offending nasty ginger tom also breaks into our kitchen and eats all Lily’s food and then pees against the wall marking out Lily’s home as his territory.

We have tried chucking water over the beast to deter him. I have shouted and raved like a loon last thing at night, chasing the creature out of the house into the garden after he has robbed Lily of her food and dignity. I am sure our neighbours think I am deranged.

The last silvered rays of sunlight are catching just the tops of our trees and Lily is sitting there, shivering on her fast cooling perch.

The time has come to do something permanent with that foul ginger beast. I can not have my Lily terrorised any more. I shall investigate my schoolboy’s arsenal – it was last seen in a shoe box when we moved here eight years or so ago….


  1. Saw this from Celia Haddon (a mad cat person).
    "The most effective idea to stop an invading cat, if you have patience and guile, comes from one of my readers in Blewbury. He suggests fixing a sensor alarm, which is only turned on while the resident cat is securely kept in a different part of the house out of hearing range. If you don't keep the resident cat well away from the alarmed cat flap, it could trigger the alarm. Then it may never use the flap again and it might refuse even to go into the room with the flap. So the alarm is used as a one-off to deter the invader, and switched off from then on.
    First of all study the habits of the intruding cat. Use a battery operated door alarm a magnetic door/window sensor alarm, selling at about £6.99. It is essential that there is an on/off switch with this. Focus sells suitable ones. Fix it alongside the cat flap and only turn it on, when your own cat is safely out of range and when the intruder is likely to visit. As soon as the intruding feline goes past it, the alarm will be activated - loud enough to see him off forever! The key to success is being careful to keep your own cat out of earshot, and having the patience to wait till the intruder intrudes!
    Another aid is to invest in a long distance water pistol and ambush the cat. Empty tin cans with pebbles can also be thrown from a window, not aimed directly at the invading animal, but nearby so as to scare him off with the noise. This method may not entirely stop an animal entering but it may insure that at least it doesn't come into the garden while you are there to bodyguard your own cats."

  2. Alan. Try a 12 bore shot gun, providing your aim is reasonable it should cure the problem for the life of that particular ginger tom! ! !

  3. My sympathies. And you do need to take care of it. Or Lily may take off for greener pastures. Daryl

  4. A few initial questions:

    1) Do you know where the offending pussycat lives?

    2) Do you have any other animals that lurk around the catflap?

    3) Are there any particular areas in your garden where said offending pussycat frequently marks what he wrongly regards as his territory? How many?


  5. How about lion poo?

    if you could train Lily to ignore it but the ginger would be gone...

  6. Alan,
    we always knew you were deranged! Try a kids water gun, you know, the ones that look like a machine gun type thing, that shoot water in great volumes over distance. Failing that a shot gun will do the job.

  7. Borrow a dog for a weekend, let it sleep in the kitchen and wait for GT to get the fright of his life.

  8. I haven't seen your 'Black Widow' for years. Make sure the rubber band doesn't snap on you.

    Have fun

    Love Rach x


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