Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Trial Post from new E90

The old phone went kaput today so I have a new Nokia E90 and wonder if this will work; Here goes...


  1. Nope, can't see a thing from the new E90 phone ;-)

  2. Once they've wempt kaput they're usually knackered.


  3. you can test the phone for me and let me know what you think.... as i was thinking that would be my next phone when time to up grade :-)

  4. Hi you lot!

    It works! It works! Without any techie help! (so far)
    Only used it with the home network at the moment - now have to set it up like the old system by emailing it to Blogger.
    Then comes the fun of inserting the piccies - Never been able to do that....

    I will let you know Sally.

    This will replace my Palm TX, the Palm fold out keyboard, the phone, the camera and the three chargers!

    If it works it will be brilliant. Got it with an 8Gb memory card so that should be fine too.

  5. B----y digital Challenger! ! !

  6. This looks great Alan, if it's anything like the new phone I used on the Challenge it should be quite intuitive to use.

  7. Alan, does it do phonecalls ?


  8. Amazingly it does phone calls quite well too - but for texts its stunning! I have never been a keen texter as I hate predictive texts as the vocabulary in its lexicon never matches what I want it to read - so now I can type it I have started to do the texty thing!

    Must sit down and get it to do the bloggy thing properly too - that will probably take me an age....


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