Saturday, 21 June 2008

So far, So good!

Another post from the Nokia E90: The last two - the text and the photo were both sent from the phone too, using the 02 Gprs do-da thingy.

This may not seem like a whole hill of beans to a lot of people, but I have never managed to post pictures to the blog before using my old Palm TX and mobile phone. I had to call upon the good auspices of John Hee to post them for me!

All I need to work out now is whether or not it is possible to combine text and pictures in the same blog post....

I think that this might take a bit of working out...

However, what this does mean is that all I need now to blog 'on the go' is this little phone and it's charger rather than the Palm TX and its charger, the old mobile and its charger and the old camera and it's charger and of course the old Palm fold-out magic keyboard!

Quite incredible! (Well, for me, anyhow!)

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  1. Alan
    I like the house with measles!
    You should find it very easy to post pictures and text - that's what I did on the Challenge with a brand new phone. Your phone sounds very swish and you should be able to upload text and pictures by email or MMS! The pictures do take a while though, and need a decent signal or LOTS of patience. That's my experience, anyway.
    Have fun.


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