Monday, 23 June 2008

The Government

You get what you deserve; so what on earth have we done to deserve this lot?

They came in with a flourish eleven years ago, and after a little while (whilst they were appeasing the City - no need to frighten the horses...) we finally had a bit of legislation that looked like they had meant it after all - the right to roam.

But what happened next?

Behind the right wing 'front man', there was a Chancellor grimly carrying out 'Old Labour' economics - spending more and more against the rising income of a sustained period of growth.

They were constantly pointing out their successes compared to the rest of the European economies and put this down to 'prudent economic policies.'

Just how far this was from the truth is now coming to light. The government's 'prudent economic management' was actually a boom fuelled by a high street spending spree based on the fact that the housing market was giving every house-holder seemingly untold wealth.

And all this time businesses and individuals were paying more and more as a percentage of their earnings in taxation.

Well now we are all facing the true economic reality; We are facing the very real prospect of stagflation - a stalled economy with rising inflation. And this at a time when the unions are flexing their muscles again.

But don't despair; We have a government petition website - an opportunity for those in charge to feel the temperature of public opinion and react accordingly.

Today all the 2000+ people who signed the petition to do something about the legality of wild camping in England & Wales were told that nothing was going to happen at all.

I suppose they must be more concerned with putting our economy straight.

But there again, this lot have had eleven years to do that and they failed spectacularly with that too.


  1. I like BG comments that the way it could happen is allowing it in the National Parks and in by laws, his quote of…… We’ve not been campaigning for the “introduction” of wildcamping, we’ve been campaigning for it to be supported in law……I like that point. On the government I shake my head in despair. Let’s not go there, I hope to go to the Peak District this week and forget for a while the problems they have made and how out of touch they are.

  2. The Greeks had a word for it: hubris. Now we're all paying for the mistakes of our "government". I'm not surprised they can't be bothered with a footling little thing like wild camping. They are all too busy fiddling their expenses and ordering their new kitchens from John Lewis.

  3. 2000 votes for the other side could make all the difference next time. Mr. Peel found out that if you annoy enough minority groups you end up out of office, and nothing has changed in 150 years.

  4. They need to be out of office anonymous due to the broken promises failed economy, poor law and order, idiotic red tape and don’t forget freedom to roam, double standards on allowing Scottish MP to vote on English education bills. There inability to solve any issues ought to be obvious……I’m not being very objective now as well….I need a walk....maybe Scotland as I can express my wildcamping habit legally


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