Thursday, 26 June 2008


Blimey! A posting about kit!

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Those still here need not run, screaming to the back of the room. This is not another nerdy item about kit (you had enough of those from me a year or so when I was on my mad spending spree replacing all my knackered old kit for the LEJOG.)


This is all about magnificent Customer Service (and the capitals are important here) from my local outdoors shop, Open Air in Cambridge.

They recommended a new Osprey pack to replace my absolutely worn out old Osprey Atmos - the Kestrel 48. I loved it instantly, but unfortunately it developed a problem on the TGO Challenge after just a week or so - the harness shoulder strap sleeves started to twist around the core and this meant that the top tension strap sleeves on the top of the harness were eventually under the harness - which was rather uncomfortable.

Open Air were first class and within a week of me returning the pack to them I have a brand new replacement pack. All done with a smile.

A wonderful thing, Customer Service. That's two Osprey packs that I seem to have destroyed in just over a year, yet I still love their packs.

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  1. Osprey packs hey. I had one of those back in 2002 for the Pennine way. Ather 60L thing. TGO seal of approval if I recall. Anyway the pack had these carbon fibre poles that punched through the pack. Got it replaced and explained to Osprey that sharp ends will wear through the pack. Dint work as it did it again. Never used an Osprey pack since. I hope they listen to their customers more these days. On Open Air,nice shop and good mail order to. Got the old Akto from em.


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