Wednesday, 16 July 2008


Well I don't know!

All I had to do was walk and write the day up as I went along. Not that difficult, I hear you say, but when phone signals are a bit few and far between it would be nice to think that all the stuff, however banal, was being read and digested.

What a dozy lot you are! You could not have been paying attention at the back (or the front, come to that...)

An afternoon went MISSING! Yes - it had been written up and saved as a draft but never sent to the blog. Not only that but it was an afternoon with His Holiness the Incredibly Reverend Albon. It told of getting on the wrong side of a canal, ice-creams, mothers and men in tights. Aircraft recognition.

It was the afternoon of Wednesday 2nd May 2007. It was Penicuik to Broxburn, in the afternoon.

I know its over a year late, but you can find it HERE

Do I have to do everything myself? Harrrumph.


  1. Hey Alan! I remember that afternoon, and a very good it was too! Even the bit when we went bushwacking when the path ran out. I don't know what was more dangerous: that or walking through kirknewton in tights!

    Funny that it never made it onto the blog till now. The wording seemed familiar to me, so maybe I read it after you'd written it that evening?!

  2. Hi David (genuflect, genuflect!)

    I was confused too, but when I was re-reading May 2007 of the blog this afternoon I realised it was not there. But the draft was (in Blogger's deepest darkest vault) so I posted it up. It makes better sense with it in.

    I had wondered if it had got accidentally deleted, but then there wouldn't be a draft copy of it - so I am guessing it never did get posted.

    Anyway, its back in, whatever the situation was.

  3. Al, I've walked with you - and there have been any number of lost afternoons.

    ...and days.


  4. "...and days."

    But you always remember the nights, eh sweetie?

    Ooh - A 'Brokeback Mountain' moment there for Miss Whiplash...


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