Thursday, 17 July 2008


The other bloggers have all been packing. They are 'Prepared'. Woefully I am 'Unprepared'.

I start my own packing at 9:00pm because there are irritatingly uncomedic comedians on BBC2. I have to find everything. It is scattered in the loft, the airing cupboard, my office, the kitchen, my bedroom and the downstairs loo. (No - I don't know why either...) Lily the cat looks very confused with me leaping up and down stairs. She hasn't seen me move about so much for weeks. All I am to her is a lap to sit on in my office. But found it eventually all is.

Apart, that is, from the food. I have forgotten to go out today and buy the food. I am miserable oik, because now instead of having a leisurely morning and going to collect Martin from the station I need to dash into town to Waitrose and start thinking in the aisles about what I would like to eat to keep me alive on the Firing Ranges of Dartmoor National Park. I have got a few out of date hot chocolates and a few out of date Oat-so-Simples, so they will do.

It fits all too alarmingly easily in the 48 litre rucksack. Something must be missing. I wonder what it is?


  1. I went to Cotswolds in Norwich and got the over priced dehydrated e-numbers and caffiene gels. That with a coffee and I'm set. Don't forget your gaiters for them Dartmoor bogs.

  2. too late now I guess Alan - but why not get it on the way down?

  3. 'The other bloggers have all been packing'.

    Ummm. Just before 10.30 on Friday morning and I'm just about to pack.

    First though, I have to find out where we're going and print some maps.

    Food. Best pick up some food at some point too.

    Nowt like a bit of prior planning and preparation!

  4. will be following reports of this trip with interest :-)

  5. Mine's the only true and accurate report Sally! All the others are right fibbers!

    (I thought I would get the retaliation in first...)

  6. And he's Spartacus too :)

    BTW, did you take a frying pan for that bacon on Sunday morn, Alan?


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