Saturday, 19 July 2008


Well, some of us went for a proper walk - but as Big Darren has just bought me my second pint of Dartmoor, I won't name names...

I had the great pleasure of walking today with Gayle & Mick (just back from their Land's End to John O' Groats) and Martin (Summit & Valley blog - see 'Great Places to Visit'). I say 'pleasure' in the loosest sort of way, as G&M are stupendously fit (ah, I remember) and Martin is ten years younger and built like a racehorse.

Anyway, they were gentle with me (ish) and we had a fine walk taking in Yes Tor, High Willhays, Okement Hill, Great Kneeset, Amicombe Hill and then a nice daunder down to Nodden Gate, where we arrived surprisingly at the same time as those doing wussy routes. It has to be said that others (litehiker & John Hee) did do slightly longer routes and arrived as we were finishing our first suppers.

The walk itself did have a few heavy showers, but generally was fantabulous - with huge dramatic skies, views to die for, lush long grasses with no bottom and - wonderfully boggy bits with layered dark tors on the edge of the skies.

Presently I am sitting in a wonderful pub only a stone's throw from our wild-camp. It's a wonderful pub because they sell beer and have chairs!

Martin has just bought me my third pint, so I had better stop typing this now before it slides further downhill.


  1. and i walked from cambridge to ely in 5 hours and in brilliant sunshine too..... sure your views were better than mine though.

    off to french alps next week oohhh mountains Lol

  2. Who put the stake in Gayle's (?) back?

  3. Hi Sally
    I think the French Alps will be slightly more energetic than our bog-trot around North Dartmoor. Have a great time

    Hi Robin - That's Darren's mate Martin's trekking pole holding up his Golite tent. Or it could of course be a stake after all, in a vain attempt to handicap her so I could keep up with Gayle...

  4. Aha!

    Having just read Mr Hee's account (see 'John Hee' in my 'Great Places to Visit' links) it appears that he didn't do a slightly longer route at all! He just got out of his tent a bit later and had the same sort of Dartmoor Daunder as our 'rufty tufty' party!

    And quite right too - no need to go mad!

  5. We were traumatised by a tour group. It put us off our stride ;-)

    Late start (0930), early finish (1530) and 12km in between.

    I enjoyed it, and hopefully didn't hold anyone back from doing what they wanted to do.

  6. 15:30! Still daylight for you then


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