Saturday, 2 August 2008


After all the pontificating of the previous post, I thought you might need a little relaxation: So this is the view from the 'outlaws' sitting room window after a very nice lunch at the Bear & Swan.

Off for a nice cup of tea in the garden now...


  1. Very nice and uncontroversial, Alan. We can all calm down a bit now.

    Personally I think Trinny and Susannah are BOTH rather scary. And as for Angela Rippon on that antiques prog - well, her wagging finger and manic grin frighten me to death.

  2. I had to count to ten when you mentioned dear, dear Angela, the uncrowned queen of Morecambe & Wise.

    You are absolutrly correct. This is another completely mad TV Harpie! I had the pleasure, (about twenty eight years ago) when she was in her pomp, of meeting her at the bar at the Haycock Hotel in Wansford in England. She shoved me quite firmly causing me to knock over three pints of beer all over the bar. I expalined to her what she had just done and she just turned her back on me and carried on lording it over her attendant luvvies.

    The barman - an ace fellow - poured three more and then addressed Ms Ripon quite loudly and equally firmly and told her how much she had to pay.

    No apology offerd at all. Horrendous Harpie!

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  4. Did I say something about us all calming down a bit now..?!

    That was a criminal waste of good beer.


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