Tuesday, 5 August 2008



My Nokia Fold-out Keyboard has arrived, which means that I can now touch type once more rather than using two fingers, which makes life a whole load easier when I am out and about. It's a sexy little silver and white number and weighs in at 203 grams with the batteries in, which is 10 grams lighter than the old Palm Keyboard.

I used the Palm foldout keyboard with my Palm TX, but that used infrared to connect, but the Nokia Communicator uses bluetooth so a new one was required.

So, you can all expect a whole load of 'out and about' postings from now on. Just need to get out a bit more now then....


  1. Good excuse to convince they who must be obeyed to let you go hill walking that. If it works let us know, I wont try my cunning plan to get my wife and my mates wife together to blag a week away as you told me it back fired on you.

  2. I used to have something similar for an old Palm Pilot. It was a useful toy. ;-)

  3. Better technology implies improved communication, I cant see me convincing the wife that it is a good idea somehow.
    But it looks and sounds good all the same.

  4. Layout looks good Alan -the IT lesson from Duncan has hurt my head.

  5. I think I cracked the IT Lesson Martin, and I have juat had my tea (Lynnie is away in Grenoble working).

    Knackered here; but Duncan is a real star - spending almost five hours online helping me!

  6. That little keyboard thingy looks very sexy indeed! I like the idea of sitting in my wee tent and sending messages to my plog :)

  7. Yea this wider blog layout is good and I have got into Flickr now as well. All good fun - ain't sussed what you sussed of Duncan but I now that Live writer is good and I'll be using it from now on.

  8. Alan, might your Palm keyboard be up for sale (assuming it's compatible with a Tungsten E2)?


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