Tuesday, 26 August 2008


Samsonite Suitcase, Silver, hard-shell:
Just about 'hanging on in there'. Lynnie uses this when she goes gallivanting around Europe and her method of fastening the case is to sit on it and so bending the locking mechanism and forcing the hinges. The wheels and pull-out handle still work- there is life in the old girl yet.

Inov-8 Mudroc shoes:
Now wearing quite badly and apparently quite inappropriate footwear for the tricky terrain encountered in The Lanes and the nicer restaurants of Brighton. Certainly not for hotel use.

Church's brown brogues:
If you want to look like a country vicar, then these are fine. Appropriate (just) for hotel dining.

Levi 501's 33" waist, 34" leg. (Blue)
NOT appropriate attire for the hotel dining room. No sirree! And anyway, the leg length is too short and they look ridiculous. (Lynnie bought these in New York)

Prada trousers: 33" waist, 34" leg. (Beige/Olive)
Much better: What was I thinking of, taking my jeans? Correct leg length. Okay with ecclesiastical brown brogues.

Shirt: Pink, Cotton: 16" collar
Chilli sauce spilt right down the front from the Calamari starter two minutes after taking my seat. Otherwise okay: Just.

Mountain Hardwear XCR anorak:
Okay - but only for daytime on the sea-front. No-where else!

label.m matt paste:
"De rigeur" for poncy hotel dining. Wife happy only when it is applied to your thinning locks.

Credit Card:
Absolutely vital equipment. Especially after being forced kicking and screaming into an optometrist for two sets of new trendy eye-wear (that's glasses that are supposed to work better)


  1. "Inov-8 Mudroc shoes ......apparently quite inappropriate footwear .......for hotel use"

    Well as a 5 star Radisson man myself (business only!) my NF Hedghogs work every time. At the prices paid I;m more interested in what the staff look like, rather than the other way around.

  2. Why do you need to see better? Surely Lynnie doesn't want you knowing what she has you paying for?
    Is it it to see the little buttons wasier as you chip n pin at the till?


  3. Church's shoesey thingies?

    Good God, man! What were you thinking? You could have had 10 tents instead!



    Here, just pass me that credit card and I'll look after it for you.

    (Heheheh... making tent-buying plan...)

  4. Northampton and a uncomfortable bed is what I had at the weekend - I like the sound of your trip in comparison. Lucky I have 2, possible three day backpack coming up to make amends for that awful bed. What you got in the pipeline to make amends for Brighton?

  5. This coming weekend I shall mostly be walking! Perhaps as a reward for 'good behviour,' I am to be let off the leash.

    All I need to do now is find a good circular 'two dayer' that I won't spend hours driving to.

  6. Peak District Alan - Derwent Watershed cut short a bit would be my tip to you kind sir.

  7. Good grief, what have you done to the pier? Maybe I am fortunate, not staying in posh hotels. Instead I resort to cheap b&bs or backpackers hostels. Ok, ok, maybe I am a tad long in the tooth for such hostels but hey, it is cheap. Dawn

  8. Curiously (in Lynnie's eyes) for someone who loves being out in the middle of no-where sleeping in a tiny little tent, I enjoy 'posh hotels' and Church's shoes.

    The little bit extra you pay for the sophistication and comfort of both rewards you handsomely.

    Even if I do buy shoes that a country vicar would wear...

  9. You were probably one of the people driving in to Brighton as we drove out (as per almost every weekend - living in Brighton does seem to be becoming increasingly pointless!)

    I hope you found The Basketmakers. If not, look it up (google!) next time you're there. Excellent food, beers and whiskeys and just off the North Laines.

  10. "The Basketmakers"

    Now logged, ready for a return trip. Cheers Dave! I was stayin near the North Laines too - at the new 'myhotel' - very nice it was too.


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