Thursday, 28 August 2008



I have just got back in (no thanks to the A14) from Cambridge where I picked up some dried scoff and some gas and am now merrily printing away some maps for this weekend's walk.

The lovely thing is that it is a linear walk, as Lynnie is off away with the Outlaws down in the west country, which means I can start at the eastern end of the walk (leaving my car there) and finish at the western end, to be collected by Lynnie on her way home to civilisation to deposit me back at my car.

I have picked 56km (that's 35 miles, Derek) along one of Britain's most ancient trackways: The Ridgeway. It might have been better to walk it in the opposite direction, ie, with the prevailing wind, but beggars can't be choosers and this way I have no transport problems, apart from the obvious one of having to walk 35 miles to get to my destination in time to meet Lynnie. The weather forecast looks okay, with the possibility of thunderstorms on Sunday! Ooh - and me being all tall and spiky and on top of a dirty great big hill and all! Shan't be taking the walking poles then!

I have been keen on this walk for a while now, as it forms a small part of the Greater Ridgeway (there's a fine book to accompany the walk from Cicerone, by Ray Quinlan) which seems like a good wander for a three week jaunt with lots of pubs. Its an English Coast-to-Coast, starting at Lyme Regis and finishing at Hunstanton. I did little chunks of the walk when I was a lad and it will be interesting to see how it has changed over the years.

My own route this weekend will be poorly supplied with refreshment establishments, so I shall have to take my own supplies. My traveling companion will be a tried and trusted friend - Wanda - and we aim to sleep soundly together on the Friday and Saturday nights. She knows how to live a little! We shall have to be discrete as there are no campsites that I can see, so we will be having a highly unlawful couple of nights together.

But now, I am off on "Village Business" - sorting out our forthcoming Safari Supper with the committee, where we hope to involve over sixty villagers in a night of fine dining, decadent drinking and passionate partying on a Saturday in October.

No rest for the wicked!


  1. hmm - might be local(ish) to me perhaps -want to drop me an e-mail on possible route Alan?

  2. rbsmyvsAlan, Just venture north and you will be able to walk in whatever direction the fancy takes you, with the wind, against the wind or even breaking wind. Your motorised assistant will be to hand.
    Off to JOG on 9th September. Happy memories.

  3. It sounds brill! I'm envious. Perhaps I should plan a jaunt up to the Lakes...

    Walk safely in those lightning showers, now! (And if you don't, d'you think you could remember me when you consider the disposal of the lovely Wanda? *g*)

  4. Tell me more about this coast to coast finishing in Hunstanton?. That is a fine place,and county to finish in.

  5. "rbsmyvs Alan,"

    Oh my Lord! What on earth does this mean? I have only just got my head around 'ROFL.'

    Is there a dictionary for all this internet abbeviation stuff?

    (Could it mean "Reddening Buggery Surrounds My Youngest Virginal Soddomist"?)

    No - I doubt it...

    This is not a Bloggers' Blog. We speak "English" here!!!

  6. Sounds good, so hurry and read it and I'll borrow it and get you a coffee in that place you go to in Cambridge. Promised she who must be obeyed a day know, you say it, forget it and they remember it.

  7. Alan, sorry to puzzle you, just a right index finger problem.

  8. Hmmm... where are you now, I wonder? Spinning along in blustery sunshine, I hope.

  9. p.s. Alan. I've been working my way through Bob's podcasts, hopelessly behind, and I've just listened to the interview you gave him on the Challenge last year, in the middle of your LeJog.

    I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the interview. Naturally I enjoyed hearing about where you'd been etc, but in particular I *loved* the way you were so honest about the way the walk affected you, and the fact that it *had* affected you so profoundly.

    It seems to me that that's the very best of what we can hope to get out of an experience of that kind: the opportunity to reflect on where we are in our lives, and to think about how we might make changes and come out of it all a 'better' person.

    Not that I didn't already love you the way you were *g* But seriously: I found listening to what you said a profoundly moving experience.

    *wipes snout, surreptitiously*

    Great stuff!

  10. Ah - just twigged - the "John O' Groats Right Fingered Gentleman!" Blimey mate! You had me fooled there!

    Seeing the girls?

  11. Hi Shirl

    That's very sweet of you to say that. I listened to it as well the other day - as a bit of a kick up my own backside - to see what I had indeed promised myself and have yet to accomplish...

    Getting there, though slowly.


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