Friday, 8 August 2008


It's Casablanca, but in North Yorkshire. So far I have sampled a fine Broughton 'Merlin's Ale' (I thought John Hee would appreciate that one) and an equally splendid Jennings 'Cumberland Ale'

The barman, the splendid Rick, is opening a few old dusty bottles of wine but for the life of me I do not understand why he doesn't buy new ones as there will be far less dust to clean off the bottles.

Today, Yorkshire has been mostly fabulous with fine English sunshine and fluffy clouds with occasional big dark rolling ones to keep us on our toes. Rick & the odd job lady's garden is in fine shape after all the floods and the lawns are in excellent fettle.

There is every chance that tomorrow we shall go for a walk. The weather forecast for tomorrow is spiteful.

Lord and Lady Elpus were due to be here, but a family bereavement has prevented their attendance. Our thoughts are with them.


  1. Sad news for Phil and his family. Our thoughts are also with them. You have a good weekend and enjoy the Dales.

    Jennings 'Cumberland Ale' now there is a good pint.

  2. bet you smirked when you saw the beer's name

    Please pass on thoughts to Phil & family - he is going thru the wringer at the moment


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