Thursday, 7 August 2008


A post about the Great Outdoors! With no further ado let me introduce to you, with huge thanks to Alistair, this incredibly good photo site: STREAPADAIR

Alistair is pretty good at the Gaelic and assures us that 'Streapadair' means 'Climber'. The pictures go back a long way, about thirty years, and there is a stunningly good section on bothies. I spent some time there identifying them - a great game. The photographs are all superb.

Scotland is broken down into different regions and there are sections on Europe too. Go on: Lose yourself in the Highlands, Corsica and the Alps.

Highly recommended. I have put a link to his site in my 'Great Places to Visit' section.


  1. Wow, what utterly wonderful photos! I'm just going through the Corsica ones now. Many thanks indeed for the pointer :)

  2. I thought it wouldn't take you long to find those! This chap's pictures are very good aren't they!

  3. Very good indeed. Dark clouds and lots of snow - also they look as if they have not be alterd with photo shop to look wonderfull when it was in fact cloudy cold and .. well normal hill weather.


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