Wednesday, 6 August 2008


Yes - another tweak to the blog happened late last night, with the very patient help of Blog Teacher, All Round Good Egg, Duncan

He steered Martin Rye and I (in about five hours of tutorial!) through the wonders of HTML, Picture Hosting websites and general techie tinkering to make very minor visible changes to the blog.

For those of you who haven't fallen off their chairs by now with boredom (sit up straight at the back, Derek!) and are still here, then I am sure you spotted it instantly anyway. Yes, the text column (if that is what it is called!) has increased from 400 doo-dahs wide to 550 doo-dahs wide. (That's an extra 37.5% extra - absolutely free!)

This has the knock on effect of making every picture bigger too! (almost 90% bigger)

So this means that it should all be easier to read as the 'full justification' of the text now looks far less forced and there is a very nice, tidy right hand margin on the right of the text, which makes it look oh so much better! The pictures should look more splendid too - as long as they were reasonably splendid to start with, that is. If they weren't, then the agony of viewing them will have increased by 90% as well.

So there you have it - another blog post with absolutely nothing to do with the Great Outdoors!

Good grief!

Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible as we are off to the Yorkshire Dales this weekend.


  1. sorry thought I had mistakenly stumbled onto Duncan's blog hahahahaha we'll make a techie of you yet ;)

  2. It looks greeeeaaaaaaaaaaat! :)

    But now I want to fiddle with mine too...

  3. Shirl, there are so many possible replies to that...

    If you take a peek at the Outdoors Blogger Forum (there's a link at the bottom on the right of this blog) you will be able to follow what we did to do this. And it worked for me - the most untechnical blogger on the WorldWideWeb! (John Hee rather naughtily calls me 'Merlin of the Valves.)

    So you - with all your website skills should gobble it up?


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