Sunday, 7 September 2008


For the last couple of days, Lynnie has not been feeling herself - she has head-aches that come and go. I have my own theory as to her dehydration and headache patterns but now is not the best time to explore that.

Tonight we were invited to a 40th Birthday Party over the road and it was a rather good 'do'. As is the norm, we had a few villagers around before the party as pre-party warm-up and it all went very well.

Anyway, after a short time at the party, Lynnie was flagging and so we came back home and she went to bed, leaving me to trawl through 'Google Reader' to catch up on the blogs. I had just written a rather (in my own opinion, rather fine) reply to Mark Alvarez's blog about baseball and the American Presidential Elections, when Lynnie came running down the landing to my office to tell me that our house was being 'smashed up'.

The police have now left (I have to say, they were here in remarkably short order) but our downstairs bathroom has had all four of it's window panes 'put out' by a piece of wood, leaving glass all over the downstairs bathroom.

Statements were taken and I made what I consider to be accurate accusations as to who might have perpetrated the deed, which were backed up by the more restrained Lynnie.

I am now sitting up, waiting for the emergency glazier to arrive to patch up the window.

As soon as Lynnie had told me about the window I had my suspicions as to who might have done it. I rang the household immediately - indeed, before the police had arrived. The wife lied through her teeth as to how long her shit of a husband had been home. That was plain from the delays in her answers to my questions.

She knows I know who did it.
The police know that I know he did it.

And the little shit will get away with it.

Well, he might think he has got away with it. We live in a very small village and his ways are well known to everyone.


  1. Hope you and Lynnie are OK after that nasty incident Alan. Nasty bit of work then, I have to deal with them at work. They mess up in the end and the Police get them. Take care...real care of yourself.

  2. Thanks Martin

    The glazier has now been and the window is boarded up and so the house is secure.

    Ths 'Shit's' wife has been back on the phone saying that she and her husband have had a massive row after the ploce visited and he has walked out (again - he makes a habit of doing this.)

    She is now alone and in tears looking after her children, not knowing where her louse of a husband is.

    I hope the police get to him before I do.

  3. Psychopath. Bring back the village stocks and free tomatoes. Hope the police find him. An expression of remorse from him is unlikley though. All about MY rights to feel angry and express myself and not about MY responsibility to keep them under control and consider others. All the best for you and Lynnie.

  4. Bloody hell! What a truly horrible experience. I'm v. sorry to hear about it.

    Sounds like the bloke's poor wife and children would be much better off without him.


  5. Sorry to hear about this Alan.

    My best wishes to you and Lynnie.


  6. Hi Al,So sorry to learn about the problems you have experienced and hope that you and Lynnie are both OK.My In Laws are due to stay with us tonight and indeed are now staying with us on a regular basis as they reside next to the neighbours from hell who are always having major arguments and are always fighting one another.My Mother in Laws nerves are shot to pieces.Anyway hope you have no further problems.Was there any reason for this mindless vandalism?

  7. Jeff asked: "Was there any reason for this mindless vandalism?"

    None really, unless you count the fact that wherever he goes in the village he drinks himself senseless on a regular basis and wakes up affressive. His poor wife always has to go around apologising for the oaf's behaviour.

    When we left the party early last night he was right on his usual course. He has to pass the side of our home to get back to his.

    As Shirley has said "the bloke's poor wife and children would be much better off without him."

  8. Good luck at getting the oaf sorted out.


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