Friday, 5 September 2008


Have you ever found yourself driving through the countryside, with the map on the seat beside you and feeling a deep seated unease about your wherabouts?

I certainly have (in fact only last weekend on the way to meet with Darren for our Ridgeway walk). So why did I feel uneasy? I had got there all the way on main roads without mistake, and had turned off onto country roads when it all seemed to go a bit wonky.

Someone has shifted the sun! It should have been over to the front right but it was actually well to the right for a mile or so. I had to be on the wrong road.

Well, Tristan Gooley is a bit of an expert at far more things than the sun being in the wrong place. He considers the stars, the prevailing winds, wave patterns on the sea and moss on trees and a whole load more. He runs day courses on the topic as well.

I have just noticed his new (to me) blog which goes into all mattter Natural Navigation and you can find it in my 'Great Places to Visit' section or by clicking HERE


  1. Oh damn!

    I just popped over here to see if I could hurl some abuse at you Alan, only to find a interesting post with a fascinating link; errr ummm thanks.

  2. There is a striking similarity between your little picture of yourself and a 'Cyberman'..

    Perhaps this is appropriate for a blogger who hurls abuse in cyberspace!

    Yeehaa! (I landed the first blow!)


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