Monday, 1 September 2008


Perhaps we stayed in the pub slightly too long, but in our defence, it was a very 'walkers are welcome to linger here way past what is considered decent' sort of pub...

Anyway after about four hours we strolled up the hill to just past Liddington Castle to complete our days walk and find a splendid spot to camp unlawfully. (That bit should have been in "DAY TWO's" section, but you cannot expect miracles here - this is MY blog after all said and done.)

I woke to Darren preparing me a cup of Real Coffee (TCAIH - The Capitals Are Important Here: Keep up at the back) made on the real fire of his bushbuddy. But more importantly, he introduced me to the beautiful early morning mists in the valley below and the warm sunshine.

The weather forecast for today was not too good - hot and humid with thunderstorms later, so we packed up to continue on our way. Water was a priority and so we bimbled along to Ogbourne St George, where we found a jolly nice table and chairs outside a small hotel and promptly ordered a cafetiere of coffee and a plate of biscuits. Us 'rufty-tufty' unlawful campers know how to rough-it, you know.

Then it was over the bridge of the dried up River Og and up back onto the Marlborough Downs (Pronounced 'Mawlbrer' for our North American colonial cousins) to stroll along the airy ridge accompanied by a horse riding event, comprising mostly of nicely brought up gells and their mothers.

Luckily we then found a lovely little cafe (the Castle Cafe) which did wonderful bacon rolls, tea and orange. This sorted out the lack of water as we had completely forgotten to get some at the hotel.

Then it was onward again to stroll over Barbury Castle (wasn't she Minister of Transport for Harold Hadrada?) and along the ridge in the mist, taking in wonderful beech hangers.

All good things have to come to an end and soon we were bimbling down the hill to Avebury to finish the walk to be collected by Lynnie to take us back to the cars 35 miles further east. It had not been a mammoth effort, but a very relaxing weekend with a good weather on a fine chalk escarpment. A good way to clear the head before Autumn sets in.



  1. Nice, very good indeed. Looks Like Norfolk with a bit of up and down.

  2. idyllic -a miracle amongst this summer's weather

  3. Compared to Norfolk, Martin (and Suffolk and Cambridgeshire, come to that) most places have a few more 'up and down' bits.

  4. Actually, you know, our summer hasn't been that bad!

    It hasn't rained all that much here where we live - Mind you - we only get abot 18" of rain a year anyway.

    A few light showers shouldn't be enough to keep 'rufty tufty' walkers holed up indoors, surely?

    Having said that Darren & I were musing on the state of the Ridgeway National Trail where 'off-roaders' were allowed to smash the path up in the summer months and we reckoned it would be a quagmire in the wet.

    So perhaps not such a great walk in therain after all. Dartmoor would be less muddy underfoot!

  5. There is a hill in Norfolk - honest, I use to run up it.


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