Saturday, 30 August 2008


From your Roving Correspondent: The Shepherd's Rest, Fox Hill

The taps today were actually known about, but even so, it is a dry old walk, so presently WD and I are relaxing into a Blackthorn and a 6X. The tomato and red pepper soup was splendid.

Well, that's them polished off, so now (real-time blog, this) I am trying a Ramsbury, which is actually quite pretty. And so to today's walk:

We started quite sprightly; up and away by 8:00am and made the water tap 8km further on in remarkably good time as we had run out of water. This water thing is quite new to me as most of my walking is in the Lakes or Scotland, where the stuff falls out of the sky regularly enough to make tinkling little mountain steams that you can drink from quite safely.

Down here in South Englandhshire, on top of a chalk ridge, it's a different kettle of fish! If you don't carry enough of Adam's Ale you are going to be very thirsty. A few miles back we met a couple of lads who pronounced that there were no taps at all on our tomorrow's trail.

Speaking of trails, neither of us had realised that we are actually walking a 'National Trail', so that's another on my tick list.

Today, 'we have mostly' been photographing butterflies. An astonishing selection of butterflies too! Big D has a camera with a ten times zoom and so you should all peruse his excellent blog to see the fruits of his labours.

Uffington White Horse

We 'did' the Uffington White Horse & Castle and Wayland's Smithy. They were wonderful places and incredibly middle class. Not a dropped 'h' was heard and there were numerous Roley's, Samantha's and a very nice Highland Terrier.

Wayland's Smithy

The views from the Ridge to the north were quintessentially English, with gorgeous views of oak and beech woods nestling about perfect little villages and lush green meadows and golden wheat and barley

Overhead we have been circled by seven or eight red kites (we think - to be confirmed when Darren gets home as he has a beauty of a shot of one of them).

The weather is glorious, if a bit hot for strolling along with a full pack on my back. Time now for another pint of something new and a complete refill of the water bottles for tonight's wild-camp. Just another three km to go and a leisurely evening up the hill, hopefully to camp on a castle.


  1. Sounds good, what about some pictures to go with it?

  2. Sounds good, but would be better with a picture or so, and a spell-check! Or has WD telepathically influenced your grammar?

  3. Pictures and spell checking now accomplished! You lot are hard task-masters!

    I was typing most of that lot one-handed with a fine ale in the other occassionally swapped with a soup spoon or knife and fork! I think mostly, though, it was probably the ales that did for the spelling.

  4. Well done, Alan, nice pictures.
    BTW I am a little surprised that the ale caused the spelling errors, as I thought it usually improved your coherency.
    I'd put it down to WD's telepathy if I were you. You'll probably find your phone does have a spell check facility, should you be lucky enough to enjoy another adventure with WD.


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