Thursday, 11 September 2008


According to Lynnie, Polly Toynbee has 'had work done'. We were watching Channel Four News, which is light years better than the appallingly dumbed-down BBC offering.

Whilst I cannot disagree with her obvious female superior wisdom (apparently you can tell by the way Polly's cheeks meet the front of her ears) what I found scary was the terminology employed: She's had 'work done.'

There followed an interesting treatise on how modern plastic surgeons were altruistic gods who rescued African children's disease ridden half eaten faces by using British Mad Harpies' money to carry out these life saving, life changing operations on the under-privileged of the third world.

There are women in our village who have 'had work done'. I am sure their motives for inviting the gifted surgeons to carry out their invasive surgery was all about the African Face-Eaten Children.

No - Nothing to do with "More Money Than Sense Selfish Cows Who Don't Give A Damn That The Gifted Surgeons Could Be Saving People's Lives On The Operating Table." (Are the capitals important here? You tell me.)

The expression 'has had work done' scares the crap out of me. This little phrase creates the illusion of normality to a procedure that involves anaesthetists, nurses and doctors to cut and carve, indeed to reshape perfectly healthy bodies that have no medical reason what-so-ever to go under the knife.

There are always going to be cases where plastic surgeons transform the lives of their patients; be they fire damaged, berthing scarred, or confidence sapping disfigurements that wreak havoc with their lives. For this, the highly skilled surgeons are to be praised from the roof-tops. Indeed, my own family has benefited fantastically in these circumstances.

However, my blood runs cold when I hear the phrase' 'has had work done.'

If, indeed, Lynnie is correct in her assertion that Polly has 'had work done', then my opinion of the mad harpie has hit a new low, if that was possible.

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  1. It's a sign of how routine such complicated surgery has become. "ah, she's just off down the plastic surgeon, she'll be back in an hour or so..."
    Reminds me of flying. You jump out of a window and you fall to the ground and break something, yet here is a marvel of modern engineering. Weighs so much it sinks into the tarmac on a hot day. Can carry other planes on its back - can carry the Space Shuttle on its back and at a little over 100mph it leaves the surface of the planet and flies high above all the clouds and weather. It can be controlled from the ground. It has an expandable skin as the fusilage expands and contracts depending what height it's flying at. It takes people to 40,000 feet above the Earth. Sometimes you can see the curvature of the planet! This thousand ton mini city using the viscosity of the air we breathe to climb higher than any other form of life. And yet there's a mile long queue at the desk of complaining moaners when it's five minutes late!


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