Saturday, 13 September 2008



That was a little piano piece I had to learn as a boy. I still recall it, some 45 years later.

Today has been a beautiful day perfect for an afternoon in the garden. The chimney sweep left a wonderful smell of damp soot in the sitting room and so the windows were flung wide open to let in sweetness of mown grass.

(This photo is 'untouched', just for Martin Rye! :-) )


  1. Untouched and conveyed all that you saw when you pressed the button - share the experience and tell it as it was I say. I have to dash and respond to a lot of comments in regrades to a article you know all about. I'm praying for snow on the Challenge:-).

  2. Hopefully, if the weather holds out, you may smell wood preservative..... That gate looks like it needs a coat or two Alan.


  3. Hi Al,Looks a very nice prem.Any more developments with that bloke who lobbed a brick through your window? He deserves to be punished but knowing the laws of our land,he's probably got off scott free.

  4. Ah, Shamus
    Unfortunately you are spot on about the creosote. By some sort of 'orrible quirk all the fences surrounding my garden are 'mine' so the maintenanceof them all fall to me.

    Having just replaced a large section of fence that blew down in the gales at the end of February that does leave slightly less fence to creosote...

    Jeff - the criminal damage gent is being worked on by a distinguished crime-fighter in the village. That's all I can say at the moment...


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