Saturday, 20 September 2008


This South Downs Way Walk is all very nice. It is a warm route with sunshine, blue skies and happiness. We have strolled over an ancient hill fort (this is becoming a habit with Darren) and rested on grassy hillsides watching chocolate coloured sheep nibble the long lush grass.

This is chalk hill country, with beech hangers and grassy tracks. From our vantage points on top of the hills we have seen the Isle of Wight and countless buzzards and kites dancing ovehead on the thermals.

At one point we were entertained by a novice paraglider being taught the rudiments of hanging beneath a very large flysheet and eventually taking to the skies. We stood there, expecting at any moment to hear the thwack and splinter of leg-bones hitting chalk hills, but none came. He had succesfully fledged and was now soaring with the buzzards.

Currently situated with a pint of Greene King IPA, lovingly poured into a proper IPA glass.

This part of the country does things in style.

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  1. Now there’s a thought – using a tarp as a means of aviation. Just add a couple of walking poles, a few good knots in the guylines and voila! Lightweight nirvana – no weight on the feet whatsoever!


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