Sunday, 21 September 2008


It's Sunday lunchtime and Darren & I have pitched up at one of England's oldest cricket grounds near Hambledon: The Bat and Ball pub is opposite and has just served me a lovingly poured HSB. 'Soup of the day' is on it's way and Life Is Good.

This morning we have had an Avro Lancaster do a flypast for us and the sun has shone brightly.

Darren woke me up with a coffee brewed on his Bushbuddy: I like walking with Darren - that's morning coffee twice now! Lord Elpus, please take note.

Meonstoke was a beautiful little Hampshire village, with the River Meon gushing through purposefully. There will be more later on the River, when I get home to post up the pictures and also to tell of two weddings.

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  1. Meon Stoke was a beautiful little Hampshire village.

    WAS? What on earth did you two do to it then!


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