Wednesday, 29 October 2008


So what's all that about then?

I'll start with the BOGS! I love bogs. You cannot rush a walk through a bog - it determines your rate of progress and demands careful attention. Trotting through your bog you spy wonderful emerald micro-forests, experience fusty forestry smells and splash through flashing electric-blue swirls that snatch at the sunlight.

Whenever Lord Elpus and I plan a route for the TGO Challenge we (okay, I mean "I") try to incorporate a juicy bog. Well, this year I shall plan to do the same: The trouble is, we did not make the cut in the draw. So now we wait, in a dignified, indeed stoical fashion, to hear of our fate on the standby list. With 380 souls having made the cut we can probably expect about 40 to drop out prior to the event through personal or work commitments. Of those on the waiting list another 10% will drop off for the same reasons. This means that if you have a standby number of 45 or less you stand a fighting chance of making it to the start in May.

So the Scottish bogs are still there; waiting nervously, hoping we make it so that they can be fully appreciated by bog connoisseurs.

Next up: BLOGS! Strange affairs, blogs. Well, mine is anyway. There are blogs out there in the blogosphere that make you weep with envy. Luscious literary lullabies, wonderful witty witterings and blinking barmy blogs. Most have a take - a slant - that reflect the proprietor's personality. That's enough of the alliteration - too much is just too much hard work and a right pain in the bum to read, so I'll stop now. But the point is made. These blogs are labours of love.

When I started mine just over two years ago it had a clear, identifiable purpose; to raise awareness of my LEJOG for Sue Ryder Care with the clear aim of raising as much money as possible for the charity that cared for my dying father so wonderfully. Upon completion it became the mad ramblings and rantings of a middle aged, middle class, middle Englishman. Nothing wrong with that in my mind and the congregation has been loyal and supportive (especially so in the last week or so - thank you!)

I draw great strength from my pontifications as an outlet for my dulled creative energies. In my other life I have been a civil & structural engineer, a salesman, a Managing Director and a business owner with varying degrees of success. At school I wanted to do French, Music and Maths at 'A' Level but was bludgeoned into Maths, Physics & Geog. There has always been an arty bastard in there trying to get out - a rough diamond, it has to be said, but at one time in my life it was there all the same. My blog is a silly little attempt at having some creative fun and I have missed it enormously. It's good to be back.

Lastly: BLOGGERS! Weird Darren is a "bloody good bloke" and a perfect example of one of the more wonderful outdoor bloggers. Now Darren is a bit of a geezer, and has noticed that other blogging 'communities' have regular meets with each other, where they invite along their congregations. There's nothing like nicking a good idea, and throughout all my trials and tribulations of late he has been in touch with me to organise just such a meet for us outdoor bloggers and their wonderful readers. It is hoped there will be a lively exchange of ideas and a jolly good time to be had by all.

In past-times the more attentive of the congregation might have noticed me banging on a bit about one of my friend's great little pizzerias - Don Pasquale in Cambridge Market Square. Well Darren has organised a meet on Saturday 29th November at mid-day at said emporium. We think there will be a dozen bloggers and so all readers are invited to come along. It's not an expensive joint and you will be expected to buy your own pizza and Peronis! But it should be a jolly good bash. Could you leave a comment on this post if you would like to join us for a bit of a laugh? I promise to be on better form than I have been of late!

You can find directions to Don's here:

PS: It's bloody good to be be back.


  1. Bogs are good and so is a get together. See you there.

  2. thnx for the kind words.

    Glad to see you back online. Always enjoy your writings.

    And looking forward to the meet as well.

  3. I have to give my apologies. Prior engagement - Owls v Norwich actually. But if this turns into a regular/periodic event I would hope to make it there.

  4. Is there no better way than announcing your return than by penning a tribute to the bog !

  5. Cambridge is a loooooong way from here - would give me time to thaw out though! Have a pint on me, just tell the barman I said so :)

  6. I'll be along. Need to find out where they can cater for a coeliac though...

  7. Baz,

    Pretty sure Don's would accommodate you with a gluten free feast, but if not try The Rainbow Cafe on King's Parade. It's only 5 minutes from the venue.

  8. Nice one Phil thanks for the info. I'll give them a call nearer the time.

  9. I'll be there. As far as bogs (not blogs) are concerned, I can do without them. What is the attraction? I have a photo book of the Pennine Way. One photo is of a boot (complete with leg/foot in it) being withdrawn from a very wet peat bog and the sound it makes is "slutch", I think with the emphasis on the "tch". Sounds about right. I hate them.

  10. Sorry Alan, I have already told Darren that I am required to be elsewhere (on call) that weekend. But have a great time. I'm sure we'll meet one day, and to that I sincerely look forward.

  11. A welcome return to your usual whimsical form Alan - nice to have you back

  12. What a wonderful idea. Hope to be there, Richard

  13. I'm undecided about this just at the moment - I'll decide much later and this might well depend on the availability of very cheap train tickets.

    Where is Cambridge anyway?

  14. Interesting that you start from a bog! I'm sure you know the story of a Lotus blossom and its roots.
    Hope to see you for that pizza.

  15. we hope to meet up with you all in cambridge BUT due to go walking in hebdan bridge for four days that weekend.....but you never know plans may change .


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