Sunday, 16 November 2008


There aren't too many 'good days' lately, but last Tuesday should be put in the diary in big red letters. I had two Wonderful Bits Of News (and the capitals are pretty cool here) within two minutes of each other first thing in the morning.


The sort of work I do (I won't bore you with the details) comes and goes a lot. It's incredibly fascinating stuff, which is why I stick with the flightiness of it all. My work is a passionate mistress that sweeps me up, dumps me far away from home for long stretches and is head-spinningly good fun. On Tuesday I started an affair with a new wonderful madame of a project that has picked me up, and turned my head for quite a few upcoming months. This is just the sort of distraction that is incredibly welcome at the moment.


Lord Elpus rang to give me a bit of news: He and I had been rejects for next year's TGO Challenge. We had been unlucky in the draw in Fort William, which sort of went hand-in-hand with my luck at the time and I was resigned to the misery of missing the Challenge. Imagine then, my utter joy to receive the news only two minutes after being given a smashing new project to get my teeth into and to be told that we were numbers two and three on the standby list - ie, certain to get in on the walk - my personal 'fix' for the last fourteen years.

So, what with that and this afternoon organising a bit of fun with Lynnie for my birthday in a few weeks time, life seems to have turned a bit of a corner.

I just need to keep this wonderful ball rolling now.


  1. Good news on the Challenge front, chaps.

  2. Things do start to improve sometimes. The future suddenly seems a lot sunnier. Life gets full with a new enthusiasm and you can look ahead to an era of your life full of renewed vigour, interest and motivation.

    Then the dog eats your cheese sandwhich as you're searching for the remote.

  3. Hi Alan,
    Good to read you being cheerful and busy. Still rooting for you, plan a good route! However the organisers of February's party regret that The Cross is out of the question!

  4. I am glad you are finding the way forward and words do bring a bit of comfort and joy. Like no 2 & 3. Start here and finish there is the goal. Get planning. Take care and enjoy learning all about tarps;)

  5. This is very good to hear Alan, I'm delighted for you!

    Can you let me have the times and locations of the Cheese & Wine meets.

    Best wishes,


  6. Good to read about your Two Good Things Alan!


  7. So by now you will have heard that you are back on the Challenge I suppose. At least this will give one of the vetters a good laugh, Legends routes tend to be a work of fiction and humor! Don't forget it has to be in by Jan 30th. Welcome back it would not be the same without the Chuckle Brothers.


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