Sunday, 23 November 2008


They say a week is a long time in politics. In real life (well, in my little real life) its an absolute geological age. Its been a week since I last put pen to metaphorical paper in my little "Busy Book" (I have to thank Mrs Elson and Mrs Shaw - my favourite Sandy Lane Infants School teachers for the 'Busy Book' reference) and in that time it has to be said that life has been good to me.

Work (and I do love working) has been brilliant and driving me to distraction with its complexities and challenges, so that during the days I am an eating/drinking work-machine, totally buried up to my armpits in glorious 'stuff' only coming up for air for an occasional sandwich and coffee. I am working with a team of guys who are like-minded and purposeful, yet who still have time for a sideways look at life.

I suppose I am feeling 'grounded' once more in the real issues of what matters to the world of work. It is a glorious happy place and feeling.

On the personal front, I am re-discovering the basics, and its been fun. It's been a whale of a weekend - fulfilling on every level. There has been ice and snow, and warm winter sunshine and a heady mix of happiness that has been missing in my life for far too many embarrassing years. I am beginning to enjoy myself for who I am once more and in doing so have started to enjoy other people for who they are rather than who I thought they were - a very different beast indeed!

So - there you go; an incredibly positive posting at a time I thought only a few weeks ago would be blistering cold and lonely. Life does move on and I am amazed at myself.


  1. Mon capitain.

    Absolutely spiffing to see you back on top form. Best of luck with the work – but get it wrapped up by 8th May, ‘cos we’re certs for getting on the Challenge now (Nos 1 & 2).

    You’ll be buried up to your armpits in different stuff in May if our route follows its usual off piste formula. A rigorous straining regime has been prepared by Miss W and I am well under the cosh. Please, please, help by distracting her next W/E.

    Toodle pip

    Lord E.

  2. Get a walk in Alan so we can read about it. Good to see you blogging again. Do some commenting as well and get the debates going.

    Will we see you on Saturday at the meet?

  3. Can't keep a good man down ..

    .. well, not for long.

    Glad things are going along a littel better.

  4. This isn't meant at all as throwing cold water, but do be prepared for more deep 'lows' - this is almost certainly partly an artificial 'high'... All the best

  5. Great site, can see you'll be on the walking road again real soon.

    Darren - UKEC'09 event


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