Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Yes.... YES.... YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!


As I stoke up the boiler to the laptop this evening, a good bit of news slides into my 'inbox' in a beautifully bound scroll with gold-embossed lettering. Pretty red ribbons adorn the hammered velum and above the tarry smell of the steam coal, there is a sweet smell of expensive perfume. This little baby has grabbed my attention and I am being dragged by my over-sensitive fingertips, upstairs, following her lilting, musical notes, catching glimpses of expensive lingerie and seamed stocking-tops.

Uncle Roger (the 'Fat Controller' of the TGO Challenge, who will I am sure forgive me for the 'fat' bit) is the sender of the sensuous love-note. He has sent Lord Elpus and I confirmation that we are now 'ON' for the walk next year. This little toddle has been a flighty mistress for too many years to mention in decent company.

This evening I have mostly been washing walking socks.


Just back from a smashing weekend in Hamsterjam. Fortunately, we missed the protesters at Stansted by a few hours. For medical reasons, we tried the medicinal NASA Cake from the special apothecary establishments dotted handily about the city. It is true - the arthritic ailments that force the knees to work so debilitatingly in the single plane were overcome so that the knees once more reverted to their truly natural state of true mobility in every direction - truly universal joints. A wicked mistress indeed, that forces huge spaces in conversations that would not otherwise have any gaps to the observer at the next seat in the Clapham Omnibus. But still wickedly good fun!

The HamsterJammers were local and friendly and assisted our purchases of suitable reading and audio-visual material. Expensive German Clothes-shops were visited and the necessary Challenge Training Miles were entered into the log.

A most efficacious weekend on every level. (However, Lynnie has now been taken down with influenza and so food parcels are currently being prepared to build her strength.)


  1. Congratulations to you both on getting in, Alan.

  2. Have you got a route sorted out yet?


    Will there be a cheese and wine party?

  3. I tried to say well done and Blogger cut me of. So here we try again.

    Well done to you and your drinking..I meant walking companion and co Challenger Phil.


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