Saturday, 31 January 2009


Back in April I wrote that this blog had had 50,000 visitors since I had started counting them. One, two, three, etc - you get the picture. Well another little milestone has been reached.

75,000 visitors. Since April 14th of those additional 25,000 visits 8,000 of them were unique visitors (ie, different people). Of the 25,000 visits, they looked at 47,660 pages of the blog - that's about two pages per visit. It also means that an awful lot of the congregation keep coming back for more. Some (twenty nine, indeed!) have signed up as "Followers" of the blog (you can do that too if you so wish - it's nice for me to see who is dropping by) so say 'hello' to me and let me know who you are and "follow" me too! It's up there at the top right of the blog.

So, what are they coming for?

Well some of them (a surprisingly large number actually) have been searching for articles on Bruised Buttocks. But most have been looking for stuff on walking. They must have gone away so disappointed.

This is not a 'Big Blog' You have to write about politics or cooking or sex to have a Big Blog. Or you could be Weird Darren and have a humongously huge following as he is a True Blog Megastar.

It's not really about walking. It's not really about life. I don't know quite how to categorise it. It's just there, on the screen for anyone who is remotely interested.

Thank you for staying with me.


  1. Then as a "follower" who has never commented before, let me take this opportunity to say "hello!"

    Keep doing what you are doing! You have to be doing it right for people to keep coming back!

  2. Well, Hello to you WP and nice to have you aboard. I must have been dozing when you started following me - well - that has now been put right and I have just cantered over to yuur excellent blog myself and added myself with no further ado as a follower of your blog. I shall take great pleasure reading it from the bottom up!

  3. Hi Alan and as always well done. The numbers say it all. Worth a visit any day. As for the Wandering Photographer and his rather good blog. I found him a few days back and glad I did. Lots of reading there as well to be had. How will we find the time.

  4. Hi Alan
    Your blog was one of the first that caught my eye, and was one that stimulated me into starting my own. It strikes me that a lot of these so called 'outdoors' blogs extend much wider than that and become a sort of indulgence we bloggers can't put down. I enjoy reading them, though it only seems to take a day or two to get irretrievably behind. Finding 'new' people like WP doesn't really help....though it extends the pleasure.
    Keep it up...

  5. Alan,
    your blog is always a delight to read. You have a way with words that is far superior to my own.
    I wish you and the blog all the best for the future. It really is a cracking read.


    PS Thanks for the compliment not sure it is correct though.

  6. Hi Alan
    Never made a comment on your blog before so 'Hi', but I did sponsor you on your journey though. I am relatively new to blogging, and discovered your blog as I was planning my journey Blogs provided me a great deal of useful info (especially yours) for my planning a route across Scotland but also inspiration. On my return in October, I just carried on reading blogs when I got time, and have really started geting into it now. Anyway I do read yours with interest so keep it up! I never seem to get time to keep up with my blog but maybe in the future...?
    Best wishes
    John D

  7. Martin, Martin, Darren & John - you are all very kind. And all great walkers too - but now I have found your blog John I am in awe of your achievement - one heck of a walk!

    Keep up the blogging (that goes for all of you!) - Its a great read.

  8. Hi Alan, just a quick hello. Recently started looking at a few of the many walking blogs out there and found plenty of good reading. Not sure were it all started, TGO challenge I suppose. Not done it, but I'm starting to think about it (the thinking I can cope with). Enjoy your scribing very much so will be popping back soon.

  9. That's very kind of you Paul - I have nipped over to your photos - all very imnpressive - looks like you would eat up the TGO Challenge quite easily!

    Buy October 2009's mag (comes out early September, rather confusingly) and fill in the entry form for 2010.

    You know you want to...


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