Sunday, 25 January 2009


It's one of Lord Elpus's favourite sayings: "My wife has great legs: Bloody Great Legs..."

Not wishing to cast aspersions on the Masterful Miss Whiplash, (I always let Phil partake of the pleasures of her punishments) what I can say is that for the first time in quite a few years I can feel my legs. When I say 'feel' what I should say is that they are currently seizing up and are complaining like crazy. I am to be found, sat sitting on my settee (TSIMF) watching the telly display the beautiful landscapes of Patagonia, drooling over the wide open spaces.

But it's the legs! They are doing little twinges and jumps - the laptop is fair bouncing about! You see - even with a blog title of 'Alan Sloman's Big Walk' the horrifying truth is that I have not been out for a single stroll since September!

And now I am paying for it. Phil has been out doing about twenty miles a week under the stern tutelage of Miss W. Yesterday was three months since he was on the operating table having large organs removed from his interior. It was also three months since Lynnie moved out, so we were both pondering over those months in the quieter times of the walk.

Talking of bloody great legs, to lift our spirits, young Felix Edward surged on ahead with his Raidlight Rucksack and very flashy running shoes, (soon to be completely smothered in wonderfully gooey Cambridgeshire Clay). He does have bloody great enormous legs that seem to go all the way up to his armpits.

After an incredibly muddy eight miles or so and a staggering ascent figure of 97m (that's over 300 feet!), we finally got back to the cars to slump comfortably into the seats. The Osprey Exos was a little honey and I am slowly disciplining her to my ways. I will let you know more about her in a later post.


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  2. I will be finding myself with some time to fill durring april and may.. would love to come out on a walk with you ,Lord Elpus and miss whiplash so if you have any plans for near home and you dont mind me tagging along let me know :-)

  3. Ooh! That would be quite splendid. I'll get in touch with you via the Blogger's Forum - as I don't know your email address.
    (Or you could email me: alan dot sloman at ntlworld dot com)

    Cheers Sally!

  4. Ah, if thine legs offend thee, cut them off!

    I know what you mean about feeling your legs... I've felt mine but I'd rather someone else did it for me...


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