Monday, 16 February 2009


On our recent Valentines Weekend down in London we had the surprising good fortune to bump into a bit of a celebration in the next street to our hotel. There was a bit of a kerfuffle, with loads of police all over the shop, with barricades and press photographers all standing on their little sets of steps.

It was pure comedy of course - the unveiling of a Westminster Council Green Plaque to a comedy genius. About five minutes before the Mayoress of Westminster and Mike Reid were about to kick off the celebrations the little green curtain fell away prematurely from the wall high above the crowd of well-wishers to reveal "Peter Cook - Comedian and Only Twin..."

It was just as if Peter Cook was tugging at the string himself.

The weekend was bloody wonderful, with a trip to "Maze" in Grosvenor Square (highly recommended) and a circus show at the Hippodrome and then we had lunch on Sunday with 'son number two' to hand over all his freeze dried food for the Marathon Des Sables.

Lynnie & me are both trying our best - it could all be a long, long way off, if ever at all, but I have never ducked a challenge in my life.

"Because she's worth it".

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  1. It's son number 2 here (Felix). Just a quick one to say that my site for the Marathon Des Sables is now up and running. Please come and visit!! Many thanks, Felix


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