Thursday, 19 February 2009


It's difficult, bringing up children. But there comes a time when you have to sit back; you have done the job. All you can now do is lend a hand if it is needed. You need to be proactive in this as very often their pride will get in the way of asking for help. Actually, I suppose that could be said for anyone.

Lynnie and I have ben incredibly lucky with our children as they have each turned into people we are fiercely proud of.

This is going to be a big year for the children. The eldest two, Oliver and Rachael are getting married - both to their perfect companions. Both are wildly in love with their fiances and both have also found their true best friends.

The observant amongst our congregation will also have noticed that our youngest, Felix, is about to embark on a colossal adventure of his own, that I have mentioned before; The Marathon Des Sables, which is a six day race across the Sahara. It is commonly referred to as the toughest foot-race on earth.

He is running it for the same charity that I walked my Lejog - Sue Ryder Care. Sue Ryder cared for his Grandad (my father) and his Aunty Victoria.

Could you take a look at his 'JustGiving' page HERE and if you could help him reach his target it would mean a lot to me and my fabulous family.


  1. Clearly you're a mind reader. I was about to ask if your own donations page was still running! A donation seems small recompense for the pleasure of dipping into your blog. Hope to bump into you at some point on the challenge.

  2. Hi Alan, it sounds like you have done a splendid job bringing up your family - and it sounds as though you should well be proud of them!

    I've bookmarked Felix's justgiving page, and will happily show some support with some sponsorship (after payday on Friday!). It's the least I can do after the support and advise you have given me.

    Good luck to Felix! A complete nutter but I like his style!!

  3. We hope you will keep us informed of progress, Alan, it's a tough Challenge - good luck Felix and Tom.
    Best wishes
    Martin and Sue

  4. Rob, Sophie, Martin & Sue: You are all superstars. Thank you so much for supporting Felix (and Tom). They are great blokes, running for an amazing charity.

    My family have ralied round magnificently for Sue Ryder - for instance, my nephew Nick did a skydive.

    If anyone else out there wants to sponsor felix I would really welcome it - he is attempting something I could never dream of doing.

  5. Guys if people haven't sponsored my brother, and Alan's youngest son, please read this from the Marathon des Sables website:

    Truly inspirational stuff.

    Oli Sloman




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