Saturday, 28 March 2009


It's Saturday lunchtime and I am in my fluffy socks in a cafe waiting for my protein fix of gammon & eggs.

Mick & Gayle left us after we popped into Dulyn bothy, just to be nosey and to get out of the bitingly cold wind. Overnight a small snowdrift had built itself up against Wendy's flank ~ I don't think she was amused as she had had enough to contend with, with the blustery gails and shotblast hailstorms too.

We were blown along Llyn Cowlyd Reservoir and eventually found ourselves in this charming little cafe where they delight in telling us that there are no customer toilets, you may not eat food here bought in their shop and that certain tables are only for parties of 5 or 6. Only in Britain, eh?

Might just pop along the road to see if there is a pub where you are allowed to drink their beer.


  1. Shock, horror! you go looking for a pub on a walk Alan. What next?. Forecast is OK for Sunday. Have fun.

    PS Name the cafe so we can avoid it on future trips (As if I go to Wales a lot)

  2. I've some Welsh blood in me I'm told, now you know why if I could find out where it is, I would cut my wrist to let it out!
    No good getting old if you don't get artful!

  3. 'Tis the Pinnacle Cafe - I know it well, having been subject to the 'house-rules' before...and I wouldn't want to argue with the waitress as she was bigger than me!


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