Friday, 10 April 2009


I'm in a pub. It's raining. It's the Yorkshire Dales.

But, I did walk here. Honest.

It's all Wilky's fault, now he's beating me at pool, just while its raining you understand, we got here at about two---ish. We need to be back at the Potential Bigamist's and the choirboy's before seven. It's just about possible.

I think.

The scores are now level at five - all, a good time to stop as he had galloped away to a 5 - 1 ahead.

We have a short while to get back - it is possible, I think.

The rain has eased slightly so it's time to take the field path back to the village. Let's just finish this final Copper Dragon first...

The Yorkshire Dales are delightful, I think....

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