Thursday, 9 April 2009


It's tiny! It's truly scrumptious!

Just as a comparison - my new full length 65mm thick NeoAir mattress in its stuffsack weighs in at 417 grams. My old 3/4 length 25mm thick Prolight Thermarest in its stuffsack weighs in at 430grams. The new NeoAir has a better warmth rating as well.

No Contest!


  1., .that must be a very large mug!!

    What's the verdict on comfort, stability, ease of inflation etc. ?

  2. It does take quite a lot of puffing and blowing to blow the thing up (hardly surprising as it is about two and a half times the volume of a 25mm thick Prolight 3 thermarest) but it is dead easy to roll the air out of it when packing it away.

    Amazingly, the full length NeoAir is about half the volume of the Prolight 3 3/4 length mattress.

    I would rate the comfort on a par with my Exped 7 Downmat (but it won't be as warm in the dead of winter as the Exped is full of warming down)

    The Exped mattress's outside tubes (they run longitudinally compared to the transverse tubes of the NeoAir) are fatter than the inner tubes so there is a tendency when asleep not to roll off it. I have yet to sleep on the NeoAir to see if I roll off it.

    But compared to Prolite 3 this is really a 'no-brainer!'

  3. Alan

    Never mind the Neoair I just love those chairs are they retro or genuine ones from the 1950's, where can I get some?

  4. "It does take quite a lot of puffing and blowing to blow the thing up"

    Oh dear - I hope you have some puff left at the end of the day!

    Heh heh!

  5. ooooohhh...

    That's all I'm saying.

    (Just waiting to hear how it performs...)


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