Monday, 13 April 2009


On my return from a wonderful weekend in the Yorkshire Dales, back in Mission Control I find that the postman has made one delivery and not another.

My goodies from Backpackinglight are now at a sorting office and I need to go there to collect it as otherwise I stand sod all chance squared of getting it delivered to me when I am actually at home to receive it. (Duncan has said enough about this - and I totally agree with him)

But, a lovely little gift arrived totally unexpectedly from an old friend (well, only a little bit older then me) a certain Humph. It was a packet of 'heavy duty' Turkish coffee, mixed with cardamom and vanilla sugar, with the instruction that it should 'come on gritty enough to scour the enamel off your teeth'.

Unfortunately Humph can't make the Daunder this time as it's his busy time of year, but we shall drink his health with his coffee and then probably move on to something a little stronger to celebrate the man a little more appropriately.

Then, uncharacteristically, this evening the Doc rang from deepest, darkest London enquiring about meal planning. He usually does this on the train journey up so this was quite a surprise! Rich has done two TGO Challenges with me (in '96 & '98) both quite difficult ones. He finished one of them with heels that resembled chopped liver - a sight I will never forget.

So - two days of work and then a four day jaunt in the Lakes - life ain't so bad at the moment.

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  1. See you Thursday Alan (all explained when you check your emails!)!


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