Saturday, 2 May 2009


You wouldn't have liked last night; reert tasty weather, but Colin (another Challenger) and I bravely took on Scotland's best shitty weather ~ and I really DO mean 'shitty' and overcame it in our little plastic Wendy-houses. We met some Challenge folk this morning who had braved it from their B&B's. We shall not name them, but if you ask Peter & Ursula, they will be able to point them out to you.

Today Lord Elpus had kindly designed an FWA (foul weather alternative route) and just as well too, as the weather was indeed 'alternative'. Fortunately this had the advantage of shortening the day by a mile or two, which meant that I was tucking in to the cheese and wine a bit earlier than planned.

It was just as well that no-one turned up for the cheese and wine, 'cos the wine is now all gone and Peter, Ursula & I had made inroads into the super-dooper Lagavulin for elevenses...
Ursula, Peter & Colin

Today's route? You can't tell me you read this nonsense for route-stuff, can you? Okay ~ it was up the River Avon (pronounced Aarn for non-Scottish types) passing glorious scenery with coos & sheep & baa-lambs and the like, which was all heading South for some obscure reason only known to Phil until I finally found a track heading east once more (that's the object of the Chally; to head east) until I got to a point on the River Gairn, appropriately at a ruin, so I could stop to flip up Wanda and await the massed ranks of bon-viveurs

Which brings you bang up to date with the here and now. Me, slightly light-headed in my little tent in the thick cloud, with the rain once more thrashing against the sil-nylon.

It's what it's all about, really.


  1. It is not called the Challenge for nothing. Sounds great to be honest. Out in the hills having a fine time. Better a wildcamp in the rain than non at all ;)

  2. Spot on Martin ~ the sun has just come out and I have braved fighting dogs and landscape to be here in the best pub in the world (that's the pub you are in at the time) in Ballater.

    Life is good.

    You must apply again next year - your problems will be behind you ~ mine are disappearing as fast as I walk east.
    Cheers fella!

  3. Any Welsh to moan about, Alan? ;o)

    Enjoyed reading about your exploits. I'm looking forward to getting up to the Cairngorms in a week's time.


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