Saturday, 2 May 2009


Daldownie Bridge, River Gairn

I arrived here early lunchtime and had a wash. That may not seem of interest to the great unwashed but to those who have been sweating their way to get here, well, it's of great import. I have had a wash, it was lovely. Okay? 

So ~ we are here (sorry, but "I" have suddenly been increased to "we") at Ballater by six quintillion zillion ~ all sorts have arrived; the walking wounded and the terminally insane (those who have completed quite a few Challenges)

There are now over a dozen here and we have spilled out from the restaurant. More later!


  1. Well done, Alan. I saw a few Challengers walking in to Ballater yesterday afternoon when I passed through from Braemar. You seemed so far away until yesterday's post.

  2. The slurred spelling in the last sentence says it all - sleep tight captain! :-)

  3. Very much enjoying your (and other) accounts of the Challenge. The typos in the last paragraph of this post suggests that you might have been slightly overdoing the liquid enjoyment?

  4. so glad you had that wash... was beginning to smell you from here :-)

  5. Ah, the typos - yes. For later readers to the blog I shall explain: I have now tidied them up. I try to spell things correctly as my grammar is so bad!

    It was quite late when I wrote the post and I had been in the pub all afternoon with a local Fireman (Joey) his mate Mark, and Mark's Dad - all of us having a really good time watching Rangers play (or was it Celtic? - I always get those teams muddled up, a bit like my Scottish rivers...)


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