Saturday, 2 May 2009


I meant to post a bit more last night, but events took over. Big Darren hitched a lift with Peter & Kate Lumley to come and see the Ballater party after having taken part in the Braemar party the previous night. The Challengers just kept coming ~ from a table for two (Bob Ward & me) it mushroomed to about twenty. The Alexandra Hotel coped with us all admirably. 

This morning was a bit tricky and I breakfasted daintily in the cafe. There was no rush as there were just 11km to Dinnet along the cycleway. A bacon & egg roll with a latte settled the system down. 
Ali Ogdens Picture of Ballater Cafe
Me, Dave Wishart, His Holiness the Incredibly Irreverend Dave & Fragrant Sue (Ali’s Picture)

The fragrant Sue, the slightly crocked but wonderful Ali, and His Holiness the Very Irreverend Dave arrived to confuse the hell out of the cafe's proprietor - I think that everyone got what they ordered ~ they seemed ravenous!
More shitty weather on the way!
Bridge on the way to Dinnet

So now I am lying in luxury on a four-poster, bathed and all the clothes steaming on the radiators. The menu here is first class and so tonight's fare should be wonderful. 

We must now spare a thought for the Ballater Challengers that set off for Mt. Keen. It has been pouring down with rain and there were quite a few big claps of thunder! There's not much shelter up there... 

Ooh dear!


  1. Did I detect a touch of Schadenfreude there? Thought so ;-)

  2. ere come on you two lets have it in a language I can understand. As for the German Phil you should know I only understand the Sussex dialect!

  3. Schadenfreude? Moi? I had never heard of the word until I walked with Lord Elpus...

    I'll have you know I was genuinely concerned for their well-being.

    No! Honestly! Well, believe what you will, I am off for another breakfast now. I lost half a stone you know!


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